Datum: 30-11-2020Tijd: 19:00 t/m 20:00Locatie: MS Teams

Mindfulness workshop by Buddhist monk Greg Burdulis (English)

The world has changed in the year 2020, our reality looks different.
We are adapting to a new normal, which many of us didn’t foresee.

This new normal includes many novel challenges, which is why confusion and anxiety are high for many of us. Some of us wonder, “How can we know the right way, or the right answer, if we are in new and unfamiliar territory?”

Greg Burdulis, trained as a monk in Burma for 7 years.  He learned an ancient technique that is something like an inner compass that points us in the right direction and steers us away from the wrong direction.  Greg shows us that just orienting ourselves properly reduces anxiety–and that contentment arises from being on a good path, even if the destination isn’t yet clear.

Doing this kind of inner development in a group setting with an experienced guide are ideal conditions for learning. You will experiment and share your inner compass while increasing your connection with others.

The goal of this workshop is to support you on your inner journey within a collective setting. We are all in this situation together, so let’s do it together.

The circumstances make it difficult to go away on a holiday, yet you can still experience an inner journey.

I have known Greg for five years. What I feel when I am with him is calmness, trust, and the space to express myself without being judged. That’s why I want to bring him to you, so we can both enjoy his enthusiasm and learn from his experiences.

Especially in these chaotic times, it could be calming and grounding to get your bearings.

Are you ready to join us?


See you on Monday!


Warm greetings Bas van Waas, on behalf of  the study association, and Greg Burdulis.


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